ASB Act & Guarantee Manage differently your funding files!
ASB Acts and Guarantees is a management solution of acts and guarantees relating to funding files within a financial institution. It ensures the management of a funding application file as well as the guarantees related to the type (real estate, other) and to the nature of the beneficiary (individual, Professional, Enterprise). The solution also allows the verification of these guarantees and the editing of contracts going through validation to archiving. The solution interfaces with third-party applications such as Information System and GED to manage all documents attached to a file.

It is a tool that enables the life cycle management of financing projects and exchanged flows between various stakeholders.
ASB Acts & Guarantees in Brief :
   ASB Acts & Guarantees is a management module of acts and guarantees relating to funding applications    It is a management tool of exchanged flows among the following stakeholders :
Customer Officer Production Agent Tracking Agent Validation Agent Legal council
   ASB Acts & Guarantees is used to process a funding file, ensuring the delivery of this file from the credit application at the agency to the legal unit.