ASB Clearing A complete set intended for the banking sector
ASB CLEARING is a complete software package intended for any bank adherent to national or regional Teleclearance System, whatever its size, organizational complexity, and the countries in which is located. It allows operators (whether at headquarters or in agency) to perform the necessary processing to present to the clearing centre the remittances that shall be paid, to examine the received values and to reject them in case of payment incident while respecting the regulation.
The 1st
for centralized
  • Full Web : No side deployment Agency
  • Centralised : 1 single centralized server only 1 BD "Data Integrity"
  • License per agency: Multi-user license and multi-scanner per agency
  • Multi-threading : Two-way communication
  • Continuity : Continuity of service even in the absence of internet
  • Fast decision making : Thanks to a comprehensive reporting module
External Client
Automatic Data Processing Engine ensures simultaneously (through bidirectional motor, multi-threading) the consumption of regulatory standards (by country), business specific to your bank and all transfer phases between your bank and the national body governing the teleclearance.
It is the module of dematerialization of checks and bills of exchange. The latter will allow the connected operator to start the scanning of image values and the control of consistency before the submission of values. Any compensable value is supported from your core banking.
Payment Incident Management manages rejections relating to image values (flaws, opposition and provision). It complies with the laws of different countries and with the regulatory requirements of various central banks. It verifies automatically any type of signature; its precision minimizes the manual intervention during verification processes.
Stores and archives the processed values and the daily operations by agency or headquarter. At any time it is possible to find a value thanks to a criteria search engine. Our strong digital core ensures the integrity and authenticity of the document stored and delivered when searching for litigation.
Sort-Checks Module sorts out the thumbnails to be forwarded by recipient bank and agency s. ASB Clearing allows to configure the different sorting modes by bank and agency.
Security and User Management allows the entire management and the detailed configuration of the user management policy. ASB clearing also implement cryptographic modules ensuring the confidentiality of all exchanges. In this spirit, any action is tracked, logged.